The Truth About Us

Two friends had a vision.... it began over a glass of wine. Actually... who are we kidding, at least 2 bottles of wine! (we have different taste, so had no choice).

All around us, our family and friends were growing their little families, and something stood out to us.... the rule book of parenting!

No - it doesn't really exist! However, it is when we realised, so many parents were trying to compare themselves to a perceived idea of good parenting or the right way to parent, yet... who set those rules?

The stress we saw amongst parents, created from this very notion, led to us sharing our stories...the truth about parenting. Those things not written in the "rule book". What really happens behind closed doors...or open doors (damn kids think they live in a tent sometimes). 

We quickly realised we weren't necessarily so unique in our thinking, however we were unique in our ability to be open and tell true stories, unfiltered,  relatable and often humorous.

It felt important to find a way to create a community, a place to give an insight and share stories about what really happens behind the scenes of parenting.... it's not always picture perfect!

Given a lot of these conversations were often brought together whilst sharing food with the little ones running around, we took that as inspiration to launch a range of products underpinned by our three core principles:


Our products are handpicked by us and must tick the boxes, durable and reusable to stand the test of time... or the test of a lot of boisterous behaviour amongst our sons. (we have 5 between us.... we know... that's why we wine). 

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our community and hope you get a laugh along the way.

Rachel Maher and Alice Townley-Jones
Co-Founders - Uphoria Goods